1. What is Ain't Patty's Day? 
    Ain't Patty's Day is a Fake Holiday. It might just be the greatest, fakest holiday in the World!

    In 2019, Ain't Patty's Day falls on March 9th.

    So some pretty important people (with holiday creating powers) created a new holiday that mimics all the things we love about St. Patrick's Day - just a few weeks earlier.

    Although the holiday isn't tied to an official fundraiser or charity event, the holiday has helped raise money for various charities. In the past, events have donated to Donorschoose.org, Feeding America, Golden Harvest Food Bank, charity:water, G.O.A.T., Colon Club and other local charities. 

  2. How does it work? 
    All party-goers wearing the 2019 Ain't Patty's Day t-shirt and Ain't Patty's Day wristband will receive food and drink specials at local bars and restaurants. 

  3. When is it? 
    Ain't Patty's Day is Saturday, March 9, 2019. 

  4. Who is invited? 
    Anyone and everyone. Ain't Patty's Day is a holiday. A holiday the whole world should celebrate... like they do "National Pancake Day" and "Iron your Socks Day". However, to really celebrate Ain't Patty's Day, participants need to be of legal drinking age (that’s 21!)

  5. Will bars be checking IDs? 
    Yes! Bars will be checking IDs as normal. Party-goers without valid ID will not be allowed into bars or restaurants.

  6. How will I get my t-shirt? 
    Shirt orders will be shipped the week before Ain't Patty's Day.

  7. Can I order more than one shirt? 
    Yes. You can order as many shirts as you'd like.